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SONY DSCOur villa is situated exactly in the middle of the ski slope network in Wisła. The nearest ones, Rudgor and Siglany, are only 800 metres away. The longest and the most exciting ski slopes are situated no further than 3000 metres away. Access to them is along the main roads in the town, which are always well cleared in winter. Wisła is a mountainous place located in the branching valley of Poland’s longest river the River Vistula, (Wisła in Polish) separating into several valleys such as: Partecznik, Malinka, Gosciejów, Jawornik, Czarne, Gahura, Łabajów, Głębice and Dziechcinka, where our villa ŚLĄZACZKA is located. Wisła is the perfect base for many tourist walking trails to the nearby highest peaks in the area such as: Barania Góra (1220m), Stożek (978m), Bukowa (713m) and Kamienny (790m). It is also worth visiting the beauty spots: Równica (885m) and Czantoria (995m), where there are magnificent views over both Polish and Czech sides. There is also much to see for those interested in wooden architecture. The area is full of wonderful wooden buildings such as an old wooden school from 1891 and a highlander’s hut from the beginning of the 20th century, the Lutheran Church dating back to 1838, Hotel „Piast” – the first hotel built in Wisła in 1885, a 110-year-old alpine-styled Habsburg Hunting Palace from 1897-1898, Catholic Church built in1855, wooden villas from the early 20th century and the Presidential Palace on Zadni Gron built in 1930. The location of the town together with its microclimate and several tourist trails make this place an oasis of peace for relaxation seekers in every season of the year. The century of tourist and recreational tradition, enchanting scenery, trekking and cycling paths and ski slopes guarantee rest and renewal.

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